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Bolwextric ultimate big kids slot racing in Hampshire from 2003

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2017 - Jim’s review

A quick look at some facts and figures from 2017.

 48 "normal" race nights were run and 4 "Special" nights.

On the "normal" nights, 14 different racers attended over the year, highest number for a night was 11 on three occasions. Lowest attendance was 6 on 4 occasions (March being particularly poor) , but Mr Nobody was press-ganged into attending, so at least it meant we didn't have to run the dreaded "4-lane, run through twice" system.


Of the 48 evenings, the vast majority were won by Peter (36 and one dead heat with Wes). The other 11 night wins were shared between Keith, Jim and Chris.

29 different classes were run over the year, and again, the biggest share went to Peter with 16. The other 13 were shared between Jim, Keith, Chris, Reuben and Will.

Highest evening score of the year was Peter on 7th December with 135 (out of a possible 144!), and lowest was registered by Trigger on 13th and 27th April with 29 (minimum possible 24).

Only one person raced at all 48 normal nights - Peter - and Jim only missed one because of holiday.


We lost two regular members during the year - Sandy who moved to the West Country and Chris who, due to parenthood, had to choose between slots and R/C.


We gained a new member in Dave to slightly redress the balance. Welcome Dave!


We also probably had the longest distance travelled to race with us - Alan joined us on the 14th December all the way from Adelaide in Oz! That will take some beating!

Can anybody stop Peter's dominance?  I doubt it, but it will be fun trying!

2017 - 4th Special Evening:  see more .

28th Dec

"just 4 fun", does NOT count towards the yearly championship.

December 28th - the final Thursday of 2017 saw the running of our end of year endurance event. This is where the final championship standings decide the team pairings - highest place teamed with lowest etc, etc.


With Will and Tim away on Christmas family duties and Chris back for a one-off visit, 9 were in attendance. This was good news for me as I don't particularly like marshalled racing, so I could sit out and do the "admin".


This meant the teams were sorted into 4 pairs.

 Peter & Dave (P/D)

Keith & Trigger (K/T)

Wes & Steve (W/S)

Reuben & Chris (R/C)


Peter had once again bravely offered to supply all the cars for the event, Slot-it Group C Porsche, and with 4 teams running it was decided to use the middle 4 lanes. This had added benefit in that there would be no "fence running" of Peter's cars. 28 minute stints with driver changes decided by the teams was the format, with the cars staying on the lanes so everybody had a go with every one. Two stints either side of tea break.


First stint saw a very smooth drive from Wes with no de-slots and he pulled out a good lead over the returning Chris. Dave was doing well considering this was his first go at marshalled racing and Trigger was doing his usual thing of getting faster and faster until coming off with the usual expletive. He was the first to hand over (to Keith) at about one quarter of the time. The other three teams all changed drivers around about the halfway mark, with Steve instructed by Wes to take it steady and defend the lead. Reuben took over from Chris and set about closing down Steve and Peter looked to chase down Keith for third place.


End of first session results;


W/S (Red lane) 151.7

R/C (Yellow lane) 151.6

K/T (Green lane) 147.8

P/D (Blue lane) 146.7

 Very close at either end of the leader board.


For the second stint all teams moved along to their next lane and the cars were reset at the start line.

 As is often the case at these events the lap count tends to go up for every team in each session. Not so with Reuben and Chris, they dropped over 5 laps with the blue car, while every other team increased by two or three laps. This could have been even more for Keith and Trigger, but they suffered a broken guide on the red lane car. After a couple of laps of random de-slots and breakdowns it was decided to change the car for one of the ones that would have been used in the outer lanes if there had been more teams.


Results of the second session;

W/S ( Yellow lane) 154.5 (306.2)

K/T (Red lane) 150.9 (298.7)

P/D (Green lane) 148.7 (295.4)

R/C (Blue lane) 146 (297.6)

 (Running totals in brackets)


After tea break the teams all resumed at their next lane. This was the session with the largest variance of lap totals with the highest, and lowest, of the night being recorded. Reuben and Chris made most of the very quick green lane car while Peter and Dave were very unlucky to suffer suspected motor problems on the already replaced red lane car. It would vary randomly between no-go, slow pace and full pace. Not easy for Dave to get to grips with, so eventually another replacement was used in the red lane.


Third session results;

 R/C (Green lane) 159.3 (456.9)

W/S (Blue lane) 156.7 (462.9)

K/T (Yellow lane) 150.1 (438.8)

P/D (Red lane) 145.4 (440.8)


So going into the last session Wes and Steve had a 6 lap lead over Reuben and Chris, but with them using the rapid green lane car the result looked inevitable. Peter and Dave were 16 laps behind 2nd place but only two laps ahead of Keith and Trigger. Trigger started and the blue lane car seemed to inspire him, most of the evening it had shown itself to be, perhaps not the quickest, but the smoothest and easiest to drive car of the field. Often a good trait for an endurance car, for the first time of the event Trigger did a greater than 10 minute stint, actually driving up to literally a few seconds before the 14-minute halfway mark.


Results for the final session;

W/S (Green lane) 157.3

K/T (Blue lane) 150.7

P/D (Yellow lane) 147.7

R/C (Red lane) 147.1


Which gives a final result of;

Wes/Steve         620.2

Reuben/Chris    604

Keith/Trigger      589.5

Peter/Dave        588.5


Well done to Wes and Steve for a strong and steady performance.

 Many thanks to Peter for supplying the cars yet again and I hope the various failures aren't too serious to rectify.

2017 Series 8   see more .

16th, 23rd & 30th November, 7th, 14th & 21st December.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. GT - Any standard GT car from any manufacturer or era..
  2. Hornby Pre65 front-engined sports/G - real car has to be front engined, not the slot car...
  3. Go-Karts -  Standard Go-karts from any manufacturer.
  4. 90s LeMans GT1 -Any standard car from any manufacturer that ran in the GT1 class at LeMans in the 90s. (Actually 94-98).. Any standard model of a car that ran in the GT1 category during the 90s at LeMans from any manufacturer. The class was only run from 94-98, so technically it is a five year period. Cars for this class include;- • Jaguar XJ220 • Ferrari F40 • Venturi 600LM • Bugatti EB110 • Dodge Viper • Honda NSX • Porsche 911 Turbo & GT2 • Nissan Skyline GT-R • McLaren F1 GTR • Toyota Supra • Lister Storm • Porsche 993 • Porsche 911GT1 • Nissan R390 • Panoz GTR-1 • Porsche 911GT1-98 • Toyota GT1 • Mercedes CLK LM  •
    Although the Dauer 962 raced in GT1, no Group C cars will be allowed.

2017 Series 7   see more .

5th, 12th, 19th & 26th October, 2nd & 9th November.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. SCX DTM - any standard car.
  2. WRC - any standard car..
  3. Ninco DTM -  Early versions with NC1 motor may be changed to NC2, otherwise standard.
  4. 70s LeMans - any standard car.

2017 - 3rd Special Evening:  see more .

28th September

"just 4 fun", does NOT count towards the yearly championship.

Based on the recent Goodwood Revival, it will be a normal 4 class meeting for classes loosely based around Goodwood eligible cars.  

  1. Front-engined Grand Prix
  2. Front-engined GT/Sports
  3. Saloons (50s & 60s)
  4. Mid-engined GT/Sports

Rules will be strictly ridiculed, it's a fun night which doesn't count toward the yearly championship so let's see some unusual cars out there.

2017 Series 6   see more .

17th, 24th & 31st August and 7th, 14th & 21st September.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Classic Sports/GT - Basically Ninco Vintage Plus, Ninco Classic range plus contemporary cars from other manufacturers but limited to front engined sports and GT cars from 1963 and before. So Reprotec Cobra, Pink Kar Healey & 250 GTO, Revell (& Hornby if its out) E-type, SCX Healey & MGA etc. Ref Reuben.
  2. Hornby BTCC (NGTC - Standard. Just latest range - BMW 125, Civic, MG6 & VW Passat..
  3. SCX GT -  Standard.
  4. Hornby Modern F1 - Standard.  Post 1990

2017 Series 5   see more .

6th, 13th, 20th & 27th July,  3rd & 10th August  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Modern F1 - post 2000 narrow track cars from Carrera, Scalextric & SCX.
  2. Group B Rally - .
  3. Classic Muscle Cars -  pre 1975 American or Australian Saloon style car.
  4. Rally Raid - Desert raid "Paris-Dakar" style off roader.

2017 - 2nd Special Evening:  see more .

29th June - LeMans (loosely) through the decades!

"just 4 fun", does NOT count towards the yearly championship.

We will run a normal 4-class race night for LeMans cars from various eras.

1. 50s & early 60s - the era of front engine GT & Sports cars. Cobras Jags Ferraris etc.

2. Mid 60s to mid 70s - the era of the mid-engined prototypes - from GT40s through Porsche 9**s to Matras and Alfas.

3. Mid 70s to Late 80s - the "Group" era. Group C, Group 5, Group 6

4. 90s to Now - Everything from the McLaren F1 GTR to the latest prototypes.

2017 Series 4   see more .

May 18th & 25th, June 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Hornby Classic Muscle - Standard, American/Australian Muscle from 60s & early/mid 70s.
  2. Hornby Classic F1 - Standard, Grand Prix cars from the same era (60s & early/mid 70s).
  3. Ninco Junior Rally -  Standard, Saxos, Puntos, Peugeot 306, Clio & Megan.
  4. The 917 years - 69/71 LeMans - Any make standard, That raced in the 69-71 World Sportscar Championship, anything that ran at LeMans in those years.

2017 Series 3   see more .

6th, 13th, 20th & 27th April and 4th &11th May.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Hornby NASCAR- Standard
  2. Group C - Standard, any manufacturer.
  3. SCX Classic Rally- Standard, rallied prior to Group B era.
  4. SCX Modern Rally - Standard, rallied after Group B era.

2017 - 1st Special Evening:  see more .

30th March - Goodwood themed Special Night

"just 4 fun", does NOT count towards the yearly championship.

Normal four class / race on every lane format, for classes of cars that we may not normally run too often that are based loosely on races at the 75thMM.

70s and early 80s Saloon cars - This is for cars that ran in the One hour race on Saturday night and cars from the two Group A demonstration runs : Rover SD1, Ford Capri Mk3, Ford Escort Mk1&2, Mini1275GT, VW Golf Mk1, 70-74 Chevy Camaro, Alfa GTV, Ford Sierra RS500, BMW M3 E30 And BMW 635 csi.

Pre War GP - cars from before the WWII that ran in competition races of different kinds to open up to the Avus Streamliners as well as the Bugattis, Auto Unions and Alfettas.

 60s V8 saloons - ​Mustang Notchbacks, Falcons and Galaxies. Early Camaros allowed too, as well as Mustang Fastback and other Yank tanks that were available in the 60s apart from the Aero NASCAR cars.  

Early 60s GTs - Cars from the 45 minute GT race at the weekend.: AC Cobra, Jag E-type, Ferrari 250LM & GTO, Mustang GT350 (Revell) and Aston DB4.


Steve 105pts, Chris 102pts, Reuben 102pts, Peter 91pts,

Will 85pts, Jim 82pts, Tim 76pts, Wes 67pts &  Dave 46pts.

So well done to Steve for the win. I think that may be his first ever meeting win.

 Chris and Reuben effectively tied for second place, but as this is a one-off event, using Tony's "countback" method, gives the advantage to Chris by virtue of one more heat win 8-7.

 Two maximum 36s were scored on the night. Both by people using borrowed cars - Steve using Peter's BMW 635csi in Group A/BSCC and Chris using Dave's '69 Camaro in V8 saloons.

 Also well done to Peter for managing to use 24 different cars in his 24 heats and still managing to come 4th overall.

Breaking the meeting down into individual classes;

Group A / BSCC

Steve  36pts - Spirit BMW 635csi

Peter 31pts - Hornby BMW M3 E30, '70 Camaro, Mk1 Escort, SCX Mk2 Escort, BMW M3 E30 (Mabuchi) & Ninco Sierra

Reuben 26pts - SCX Sierra

Jim  21pts - Hornby Sierra (current), Mk2 Escort, '70 Camaro, Capri Mk3, Rover 3500 SD1 & SCX BMW M3 E30

Will 20pts - SCX BMW M3 E30

Tim 18pts - Hornby Mk1 Escort and Sierra (original)

Chris 17pts - Hornby Mk1 & 2 Escorts

Dave 11pts - Hornby Mk1 Escort

Wes 9pts  - SCX BMW M3 E30 (Mabuchi)


Steve 34pts - Carrera Mercedes Streamliner

Tim 26pts - Cartrix Alfetta

Chris 23pts - Carrera Mercedes Streamliner

Jim 22pts - Cartrix Alfetta & Pink Kar Auto Union

Peter 20pts - Carrera Mercedes & Auto Union Streamliners, Cartrix Alfetta, Pink Kar Bugattis (2) & Auto Union

Wes 20pts - Pink Kar Auto Union

Reuben 19pts - Pink Kar Bugatti

Will 15pts - Pink Kar Auto Union

Dave 10pts - Pink Kar Bugatti

V8 Saloons

Chris 36pts - Hornby '69 Camaro

Will  26pts - Hornby '69 Camaro

Reuben 25pts - Pioneer Mustang Fastback

Jim 20pts - Hornby '69 Camaro, Mercury Cougar, Pioneer Mustang Notchbacks (2) & Revell Galaxie

Wes 20pts - Pioneer Charger (General Lee)

Peter 19pts - Carrera Plymouth Roadrunner, Hornby '69 Camaro, Revell Galaxies (2) & Plymouth GTX

Steve 19pts - Pioneer Mustang Fastback

Tim  15pts - Hornby '69 Camaro & Mustang Fastback

Dave  9pts -  Hornby Mustang Fastback

60s GT

Reuben 32pts - Pink Kar Ferrari 250GTO

Chris 26pts - Reprotec Cobra

Will 24pts - Ninco Healey

Peter 21pts - Carrera Cobra, Fly Ferrari 250LM, Pink Kar Ferrari 250GTOs (2), Revell E-type Hardtop & Mustang GT350

Jim 19pts - Carrera Aston Martin DB5, Fly Ferrari 250LM, Ninco Cobra, E-type Hardtop, Pink Kar Ferrari 250GTO & Revell Mustang GT350

Wes 8pts - Pink Kar Ferrari 250GTO

Tim  17pts - Ninco E-type 2+2

Steve 16pts - Fly Ferrari 250LM

Dave 16pts - Ninco Cobra.

2017 Series 2   see more .

16th & 23rd February and 2nd, 9th,16th & 23rd March  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. LMP- Le Mans Prototype cars from any manufacturer.
  2. Hornby WRC - any rally car from the World Rally Championship since the early 90s. Black window cars are OK.
  3. BTCC-  any "pure" Hornby model of car that raced in the BTCC since the mid 80s. Pure means that the Exin designed, Mabuchi motored BMW M3 E30 marketed by Hornby is expressly excluded.

Ninco One - any car from the Ninco One range.

2017 Series 1   see more .

5th, 12th, 19th & 26th January, 2nd & 9th February.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Ninco GT- any slot manufacturer.
  2. Hornby Trucks - Leyland Roadtrains, Datsun "Turtle" pickups and recent "monster" trucks allowed.
  3. Hornby 60s Rally-  any slot manufacturer.
  4. Pre '67 Le Mans - any slot manufacturer.

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