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Bolwextric ultimate big kids slot racing in Hampshire from 2003

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This years Classes & Dates, links to PDFs of previous years


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This year

2019 Set 8   see more .

14th, 21st & 28th November, 5th, 12th & 19th December.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Classic Rally - pre Group B era rally car from either Hornby or SCX. Chosen in part due to the imminent arrival of the SCX Fulvia. Standard cars only..
  2. 80s/90s GT - same class as we have just been running.
  3. Pre '60 Grand Prix - standard car from any manufacturer, so mostly Hornby and Cartrix models. Picked because Wes bought one at the Havant swapmeet..
  4. SCX WTC  - Will (big Honda fan) finally got his own Accord from Havant! Also in the class will be Alfa 156, BMW 320, Seat Leon (I, II & III), Toledo (but not the wide bodied one) and Volvo S60. Standard cars.

2019 Set 7   see more .

3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st October and 7th November Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Indy / IRL - standard Ninco, Hornby or SCX Indy or IRL car.
  2. Hornby WRC - standard WRC rally car by Hornby.
  3. Rally Raid - standard Rally Raid vehicle from any manufacturer.
  4. 80s / 90s’ GT - standard 1980 -1999 GT2/3 type cars from any manufacturer. No Fly Racing or Super Duper (NSR/Sideways/Slot-it etc.)  performance cars. Best to check with Reuben for eligibility, but I think the idea was to get the old Proslot Ferraris and Porsches on track again. With other similar stuff like the inline Ninco 911s, Fly Venturi and for the really adventurous Hornby TVR Speed 12

2019 Special night

26th September.


2019 Set 6   see more .

15th, 22nd & 29th August and 5th, 12th & 19th September  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. SCX GT  any standard GT car from SCX.
  2. NPre 1960 Grand Prix - standard slot model of a Grand Prix car up to 1959 from any manufacturer. Doesn't include the Carrera Avus streamliners..
  3. Ninco Anglewinders - fairly straightforward - any standard Ninco car with an anglewinder motor setup.
  4. Hornby Group C - the old Jaguar, Mercedes and Porsche Group C models from 80s/90s Scalextric production. Standard, but tyres may be replaced by any other slot car's tyres. Not aftermarket ones.

2019 Set 5   see more .

4th, 11th, 18th & 25th July, 1st & 8th August.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Hornby GT - modernish (90-on) GT cars from Hornby. With the exception of the IMSA Jag XKRS. Tyres can be replaced by other slot car tyres, but not aftermarket Ortmann/urethane types.
  2. Hornby NGTC - standard versions of Hornby NGTC cars. Currently limited to BMW 125, Honda Civic, MG6 & VW Passat.
  3. Fly F1 - Fly/Flyslot F1 car plus 70s F1 cars from Policar, SRC or the Hornby Grand Prix Legends range. Standard cars only.
  4. WTCC - standard cars from any slot company that ran in World Touring Car Championships. No DTM or 4wd cars allowed.

2019 Special night 2

27th June. Half hour stints, three teams, cars?

Won by Team WW (Wes & Will). Ask Jim for details and report!

2019 Set 4  see more .

16th, 23rd & 30th May and 6th, 13th & 20th June.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Hornby Classic Rally -Hornby Classic Rally is for under 2-litre pre 1980 cars so Escorts, Minis, Cortinas, MGBs, Beetles. Standard cars only.
  2. Front engine LeMans cars - Front engine LeMans cars  is for any standard slot car model of a front engined car that ran at LeMans. The slot car doesn't have to be front motored so anything from Blower Bentleys to Corvette CR7.
  3. 67-76 F1 - 67-76 F1 is for cars from the start of the winged era until ground effect cars came in. Any slot make.Tyres are free choice.
  4. Hornby 90s GT - GT cars made in the 90s by Hornby with an inline motor, so F40s, Diablos, Jag XJ220s and Porsche 911s. This does not include the Exin cars that Hornby imported such as the Ferrari GTO, Porsche 959 & BMW M1. Tyres can be replaced with any others from another slot car but not with aftermarket tyres such as Ortmanns etc. Club F40s are available.

2019 Set 3   see more .

4th, 11th, 18th & 25th April, 2nd & 9th May.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Hornby BOAC500 - cars in that event produced by Hornby. Options are Chaparral 2F, Ferrari P4/412P, Ford GT40 Mk1&2 & MGB. Also the Ferrari P4 & Ford P68 from the Power & Glory series. Standard.
  2. 2K LMP - any LeMans prototype car produced in this century from any manufacturer. Standard.
  3. Carrera F1 - any Carrera Evolution F1 car. Standard other than change of tyres, wheels or complete rear axle from another contemporary single seater car (Scalextric, SCX or Ninco). Club Carrera F1s are eligible.
  4. Lotus/Caterham - Standard.

2019 Special night 1   see more .

28th March. Ninco GT, Team Endurance.

2019 Set 2   see more .

14th, 21st & 28th February and 7th, 14th & 21st March.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Group 5 - standard.
  2. Hornby Muscle - standard classic (pre 75) muscle car.
  3. Ninco 1 Muscle - standard Ninco 1 Camaros and Mustangs.
  4. Ninco DTM - any Ninco DTM car. Early NC1 powered cars may have NC2 motors fitted..

2019 Set 1   see more .

3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th & 31st January and 7th February.  Even rounds run reversed.

  1. Hornby NASCAR - standard.
  2. Hornby Group B rally - standard.
  3. Ninco Vintage - standard.
  4. Ninco GT - standard..

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